Solo Classic | BMW E36 M3 Coupé

The BMW M3 is one of the most coveted cult favourite cars of all time. Loved for its handling, balance and outright performance, every new model captures the imagination of a new generation.

The debate over which BMW M3 reigns king is one of the most hotly debate on the old internetz and it’s usually a head to head between the E30 and E46. Well, today’s the day the runt of the litter gets the spotlight, the E36. The E36 has a very underrated chassis as it stands, but with alittle tweaking and personalization this affordable M car turns into a dimepiece easily with the right mods.

This beautiful specimen stopped by our Alpharetta compound to be prepped + inspected for future sale – if you’re interested in a properly maintained E36 M3 drop a line in our DMs!

Solo lives for everything ///M! We’re your #1 spot for Custom tunes, full-send builds, engine swaps, fitment, suspension and even just your average routine maintenance. Speak to a Certified Solo Advisor to know more about our ///M Programme!

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