[OC] My perfect audio and video setup… Kawasaki H2 SX SE+ : motorcycles

Nice setup.

I’ve been saying this for years now. I’ve had a crisp audio setup since 2015. I switched from helmet cam to bike cam, though.

If I had that bike I would try to find some way to incorporate a microphone near the supercharger so you can get the whipple sounds of it. That would be pretty tough to do though, considering it would expose the mic the wind.

For those reading, a good spot on many bikes is to wrap the microphone up and stuff it in the battery box. You do not want it too close to the exhaust pipe, because lots of these mics can be cheap, if you buy them off of eBay/Amazon, and the sound will be distorted and garbled. HQ mics could probably take it, though.

I think lots of people just don’t like the idea having something wired to them if the wire is to the camera they’re wearing, or the sound recorder hiding in their jacket. This is another reason why I have my camera mounted to the bike.

Nice bike, though. I look forward to seeing the new model with adaptive cruise control and blind-spot detection.

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