Late father’s old bike.

This is kind of a broad post but I am looking for some information/guidance on my dad's bike. He died about 10 months ago, and my mom's handyman who helps out always asks my her about it (not in a rude way, he jokingly pestered my dad too).

I believe it is a BMW R60 , possibly 68 or 69 ( I was hoping someone could narrow that down for me). This bike has sat in the garage for at least 34 years, it honestly could have been more.

Without taking it to a mechanic because I do not believe it is operable, what would you do to give this guy a fair price? Other than standard blue book information is there a way I can look into key things with a solid iphone video? Or a trusted person/website to go over certain things via facetime and compensate them (that would be less than if I just towed it somewhere)?

She wants to give this guy a great deal because he is great to her, as well as maybe he'll feel obligated to help out when she needs it. Thanks everyone

TL;DR How can I appraise a motorcycle that cannot move, with no experience that has been sitting for a few decades

Im sorry if I am not totally clear, but here is a pic. I always thought it was super cool

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