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Nice muffler rebuild!

I went to the MagnaFlow website to see how this offset muffler was constructed as a straight through muffler was constructed, but all I found was a short animated video of a straight through muffler.

My question is:

What does that muffler look like inside before you packed it full of fluff?  Could you actually see through the muffler if you held it up?


Too bad there is no information on how to get the old packing out. I’ve had motorcycle silencers were the packing was all carboned up and as hard as a rock. It was one solid chunk.

Always wondered about this!!! I have a puffler from a race car that burned out and I have always wondered about re packing it.

A side note –  Welding galvanized metal like the electrical block-off plate that was used to close up the muffler in the article can make you feel a bit under the weather.  It is actually called Metal Fume Fever.    Kind of like a hangover or a mild case of the flue.   It is from the zinc burning.  I have had this and it sucks.

WIKI >>>

I am sure you all know this but figured it was worth posting up.  Better to go to the other end of the motorsports department at Home Depot and get a 12″ square piece of regular sheet metal.  It is also sold at most local hardware stores.  They have a small rack with miscellaneous pieces of sheet metal and bar stock.  While not as cheap as the electrical box cover it is much better for welding.  


When I did mine, I sliced the top and bottom off and packed very thoroughly, then spent about eighty pounds of wire welding it back together.  Worth it.

Could pack around the front (on right) but getting full wrapping around the rear required slicing the other side.

Honest question: By the time you’ve bought the supplies, cut, stuffed, welded, and repainted the muffler, and paid yourself for the time cost….couldn’t you just have bought a new one? I’m not part of the throw away society where the answer is to buy a new everything but this seems like a borderline exercise for $50 and a whole afternoon of fab time. I just repacked straight through muffler and it was $20 and 20 minutes of time but I don’t know I would have messed with this. Hell, I probably wouldn’t have even bought a new muffler and just lived with it being louder unless I had to meet some decibel requirement. 



In my case, the mufflers are NLA. Racing Beat changed suppliers and the new ones are not the same build quality or sound reduction.

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