Movies That Feature Motorcycle Riders

“There movies made in Hollywood that makes everyone want to go out and purchase a motorcycle.

There are even characters played within the films or shows that make riding a motorcycle cool. Those characters and movies defined how a rider should ride a motorcycle and make it look effortless in the process. Take a look at the featured movies and see if you can remember watching the movie and recall your reactions during the scenes.

The first movie that comes to mind is from the movie “”The Principal!”” This is a Story of Triumph.

This movie is more on the drama side, in which, the principal Rick Latimer is played by actor James Belushi. Belushi is trying to bring order and structure to a struggling school while fighting the criminals within. The last scene of the movie shows the principal fighting the schools number one criminal, who tried to rape one of the teacher, and after then is taken into custody by the police. At the end of the fight principal screams “”No More!”” As Principal Rick is leaving on his motorcycle someone asks him, who do you think you are? His response, which was classic, “”I’m the Principal!””

Then there’s the movie “”Ghost Rider!”” This movie features Nicholas Cage as Johnny Blaze.

This is a story of adventure and life on the wild side. It almost reminds you of the movie “”Evel Knievel, but it is more evil. Johnny Blaze played by actor Nicholas Cage sells his soul to the devil to save his father from dying. What he didn’t know was that he would sign a life-long contract with his blood turning him into a ghost rider.

Who can forget the movie “”Batman: The Dark Knight!”” This was one of the few times we saw batman not driving his famous bat-mobile.

Instead, he trades it in for his bat-motorcycle. Although, many will remember this film as being the last for actor Heath Ledger, the action packed thriller was one for the ages. The scene starts when batman is trapped in an accident and looks like his bat-mobile is damaged beyond repair and then all of a sudden in the rubble his bat-mobile turns into a bat-motorcycle. He then goes on to pursue the infamous joker riding over cars, buildings and fighting the bad guys on the way.

Finally,there’s the movie that defined motorcycle riding, “”Evil Knievel!””

This classic film is about the life of Robert Craig Knievel, who was an American stunt devil and entertainer, and gave audiences of all ages something to remember. Knievel had several up and downs in his riding entertainment career. One of the most memorable jumps attempted was in Las Vegas at the Caesars Palace Hotel. He was scheduled to jump the hotel’s famous fountain, which was filmed for the American Broadcasting Company or ABC, but the jump failed. Knievel was severely injured and in a coma for 29 days. Now, I wonder what kind of insurance he must have had to cover such death-defying acts.
There are more movies to mention and stories to tell, however, I’m sure the movies highlighted here are ones to remember. When you think about death-defying jumps, damages cars turning into motorcycles, the cool principal dealing with criminals and motorcycles blazing the trail with fire there are sure to be some motorcycle insurance companies with major headaches.”

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