Anyone want to nerd out on full-face helmets for a minute?

I just watched Fortnines hit-piece on the Snell standard, which is the benchmark here in the US. I'm slowly learning about ECE 22.05 (the older ECE standard), and ECE 22.06, the current ECE standard. My understanding is that ECE departs from Snell in that it wants the helmet to be softer and lighter, oriented towards multiple tumbling impacts. That the Snell standard is more appropriate for race cars than bikes. There is also the FIM standard which I read as an advancement even on ECE 22.06.

One thing I found interesting is if you compare the claimed weights of the Shoei RF1400 (USA), v.s. the Shoei NXR2, which I believe to be its European counterpart. The NXR2 is hundreds of grams lighter, which makes sense because of how the European standard is written.

The other thing I'd add to the discussion is my theory that the best use of a helmet is not to crash. I prefer solid bright yellow or high-viz green for my lids. Red would work too. This actually overrides which standard applies, as my thinking is it might keep me from needing to use the helmet in anger.

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