1 out of 2200! BMW F87 M2 CS Coupe | HR Springs Sway Bars + Turner Motorsport Link Upgrade

1 out of 400 that waa US-Bound, this coveted M2CS might be one of bmw’s most fetishized models of current day that many M-Fanboys deem the whole car, engine / suspension as a “true modern masterpiece” but not all enthusiasts concur w/ this statement and see room for improvement, so we say commence with the modifications!

Our client showed up to our Norcross location seeking the start of building their M2, why not start from the ground up! Let’s get some better handling + suspension manageability going on! To achieve this a wonderful upgraded Front / Rear Sway Bars from HR Springs + a set of Performance Adjustable Sway Bar End Links from Turner MotorSport will do! 😍

Solo lives for everything ///M! We’re your #1 spot for Custom tunes, full-send builds, engine swaps, fitment, suspension and even just your average routine maintenance. Speak to a Certified Solo Advisor to know more about our ///M Programme!

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